Manufacture of injection molds and plastic injection.


What do we do?

Our products are 100% “made in Spain”, manufactured under rigorous quality controls, obtaining a product with a unique finish and quality.

Company dedicated to the manufacture of plastic injection molds from the 3D design of the product to its completion. To achieve each and every one of these processes, the company has a highly qualified human team involved in the production work of the company. We are always innovating and improving our technologies in order to be increasingly competitive in today’s metal and plastic industry. With our knowledge we want and are committed to being collaborators with our clients and suppliers to improve our services and products from the base to the achievement of them.

how can we help you?

We develop your product. We work with the latest technologies in design systems. 3d print. Service of scale models and real size samples.

Realization of R+D+I prototypes

Manufacture of plastic and zamak injection molds

Injection of technical plastics and zamak

Own lines of product and advertising

Our products

Own development and manufacture 100% Made In Spain

plastic cups


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Elena Gómez
Elena Gómez
4 Julio 2020
Empresa seria y profesional, muy cualificada en la fabricación de moldes y posterior producción, te proyectan la idea y la hacen funcionar a la perfección, sin duda seguiremos en contacto, 100% recomendable!
Juan Leal Ribera
Juan Leal Ribera
12 Febrero 2020
Hacen de todo,plasticos,moldes,etc. Asi da gusto
Angel Espi
Angel Espi
19 Febrero 2019
Empresa familiar con proyección nacional, diseño y fabricación de productos plásticos por cuenta de terceros, seriedad y profesionalidad.
Juan Antonio Aran Ruiz
Juan Antonio Aran Ruiz
12 Diciembre 2018
Iván Torrente Pastor
Iván Torrente Pastor
3 Agosto 2018
Miguel angel contell
Miguel angel contell
5 Noviembre 2017