The company Vicente Pastor Bastán, S.L. It has a solid structure divided into several sections for the manufacture of plastic injection moulds.

In the first place, VPB, S.L. It has a great human team and the latest design technologies for the development of new projects and products and, thus, translate any idea into a final physical product.

Any idea is transformed into a final product through 3D printing, making models to scale or, well, to real size.

Secondly, we find the section for the manufacture of plastic injection molds and, in turn, molds for the injection of molten metal.

Our workshop is equipped with the different CNC technologies for the development, turnkey, of any type of mold that our clients require.

Lastly, VPB, S.L. It has the best professionals trained for the mass production of any type of product or service. Always innovating, developing and improving the way of producing with automation or manual work and making all our products “made in Spain”.

Currently, the company Vicente Pastor Bastán, S.L. It covers the most cutting-edge sectors of the market, passing through the food market, with our corresponding certificates, to the automotive sector, passing through various important sectors at a national and international level.