“”Key on hand””

The manufacture of plastic and zámak injection molds is the pillar and most important point of the company VPB, S.L.

Our workshop is equipped with the different CNC technologies for the development and production, turnkey, of any type of mold that our clients require.

VPB, S.L. It has a workshop specialized in repairs and maintenance of all the molds that are injected in the plastic injection section.

Vicente Pastor Bastán is synonymous with guarantee.

The optimal/maximum size of mold making is 496x696.

For this, we have the following machinery:

  • Sistemas de CAD/CAM a la última vanguardia.
  • 3 máquinas de CNC con diferentes rpm para realizar y poder terminar mucho mejor los trabajos, 2 AWEA 1060 (10000 y 15000 rpm respectivamente) y 1 ROBODRILL αT21iEL (24000 rpm)
  • Máquina de electroerosión por penetración ONA DB 300
  • Torno de CNC PINACHO con un diámetro de volteo de 550 mm
  • Prensa de ajustar moldes