Vicente Pastor Bastán, SL is a company dedicated to the manufacturing of molds and plastic injection. The origins date back to the 70s, although its founder has been in the sector for more than 50 years, his experience being of great value.

The great experience of its manager-founder has been of vital importance for the manufacture of more than 1000 molds and their subsequent injection. We have currently been producing different types and sizes of molds in our workshop for 40 years, covering sectors such as toys and kitchenware to the most technological ones such as automotive and aviation…

Our origins were due to the need in the 70s to carry out all types of industrial modeling in order to proceed to the subsequent manufacturing of molds. For this, models were made in epoxy resin, generally at a 1:1 scale of the mold to facilitate copying on the steel blocks of the same, although sometimes it was not ruled out to make a model on a much larger scale so that the pantograph could make the mold. reduced to the scale of the final piece and, thus, be able to better copy small details and signs, among others… Furthermore, along with this process, the electrodes were manufactured by electroplating from polyurethane resins. to be able to engrave the mold by electroerosion. The process of making a mold at that time was more laborious or, at least, took much longer than today.

Little by little, the company VPB, SL has been incorporating new mold manufacturing systems that are leaving behind the creation of models with resins, giving way to their 3D design to later be mechanized and worked with CNC machine tools.

In the 90s the company incorporated the plastic and thermoplastic injection section into its production process with the incorporation of 2 machines of 80 and 90 tons respectively.

Currently there is a team of 11 electric injection machines, with a tonnage ranging from 35 tons to 480 tons with the possibility of manufacturing parts from 3 to 1000 grams.

To achieve each and every one of these processes, the company has a highly qualified human team involved in the company’s productive tasks.
We are always innovating and improving our technologies to be increasingly competitive in today’s metal and plastic industry.
With our knowledge we want and are committed to being collaborators with our clients and suppliers to improve our services and products from the beginning to the end.

Our products are 100% “made in Spain”, manufactured under rigorous quality controls, which results in a high quality finished product.