In VPB, S.L. We work with the direct manufacturers of pool covers. Our products reach a high quality and our service is less than 24 hours. Not only do we have a good delivery service, but we are specialized in post-sale service and in the projection of new related projects.

Vicente Pastor, manager of VPB, saw the need to manufacture the wheels for the covers and create a section in the company that, little by little, has been implemented and used more and more by manufacturers of covers at a national level. As of today, being a reference section in the company’s body.

The final customer of the roofs is one who seeks safety, comfort, cleanliness and, above all, economic and ecological savings.

Our wheels considerably influence the named characteristics.

The security offered by a cover is to be used as an enclosure every time it is not used and the option of nobody falling or having to be aware of anyone is impossible. Our wheels allow automatic or manual closing of both the cover and the side hatches. Therefore, comfort is a clear ally and is perfectly associated with safety, making it easy to open or close for better conservation and, thus, keeping the pool clean for as long as possible, saving money as its maintenance is cheaper and more ecological by not having to change the water each season, a rare commodity.

The wheels manufactured in our facilities are 100% “made in Spain”. Premium quality nylon treated with materials resistant to ultraviolet rays. Wheel composed of bearings manufactured in our company in stainless steel suitable for any weather situation.